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Assessment of Traffic Noise Pollution in Jamalpur Sadar, Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Noise pollution is becoming a significant concern for cities worldwide. This study aims to evaluate the traffic noise pollution levels in different zones of Jamalpur city, conducted in 2023. Twenty-one samples were collected from 21 distinct locations, covering five vulnerable zones including industrial, mixed, commercial, residential and sensitive zones on both working and non-working days, during morning, afternoon, and evening. The Sound Level Meter (Model: Lutron SL-4033SD) was utilized to measure the noise levels. The study employed Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with the Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) technique to map the city's noise pollution. Results indicate that all studied areas exhibited noise levels surpassing the maximum acceptable level. The Gate Par area registered the highest average sound level (87.85 dB) during morning hours, while the sensitive area exhibited the lowest average sound level (61.15 dB). The highest value of sound level according to sensitive area, residential area, commercial area, mixed area and industrial area is 78.2(dB) at evening, 73.25(dB) at afternoon, 87.85(dB) at morning, 84.65(dB) at evening and 80.85(dB) at evening. The study concludes that Jamalpur Sadar has significantly higher ambient noise levels compared to the established standards, primarily in densely populated areas with heavy traffic and excessive vehicle horn honking. Consequently, the study recommends the implementation of preventive measures in excessively noisy areas and strongly suggests that proper implementation of the existing laws helps to mitigate and reduce the noise pollution situation in the study area.

Traffic, Noise Pollution, Sound Level Meter, IDW, Public Awareness

APA Style

Hasan, M., Miah, A., Hasan Sojib, R. (2023). Assessment of Traffic Noise Pollution in Jamalpur Sadar, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. International Journal of Environmental Protection and Policy, 11(6), 102-110.

ACS Style

Hasan, M.; Miah, A.; Hasan Sojib, R. Assessment of Traffic Noise Pollution in Jamalpur Sadar, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Int. J. Environ. Prot. Policy 2023, 11(6), 102-110. doi: 10.11648/j.ijepp.20231106.11

AMA Style

Hasan M, Miah A, Hasan Sojib R. Assessment of Traffic Noise Pollution in Jamalpur Sadar, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Int J Environ Prot Policy. 2023;11(6):102-110. doi: 10.11648/j.ijepp.20231106.11

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